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A Space Time Challenge


About A Space Time Challenge:

A Space Time Challenge is a 2D game/shooting game. Inspired by the classic Aracade games but New Kids Game has developed A Space Time Challenge in a unique way. Although the gameplay is simple, the game has a great attraction to the participants.

Set in outer space with thousands of planets and stars, the player is able to control a spaceship that is an adventure in space. However, there is a strange alien army attacking in order to usurp your spaceship. The task of the player is to protect his spaceship from this mighty army. To do that, you need to dodge and kill the enemies who want to get close to your spaceship. On a spaceship equipped with a rocket component to attack enemies, control it to be able to destroy as many opponents as possible. Each time the player kills an enemy, the system will calculate the score for the player, the higher the score, the smaller the ranking on the game rankings. To be able to survive for a long time, you need to have good eyes and smooth fingers to be able to control the spacecraft in the best way. But be careful! The opponent will also attack you again when the player touches the opponent's ships or gets hit, you will die. The war will not end unless your spaceship is shot down.

Is a game so challenging yourself? You want to know how fast and reactive you are, this is where you can apply and test it. What are you waiting for? Come and try it now!

How to play:

  • Hold and drag the mouse to control and shoot

Tips and tricks:

  1. When you release your hand, the game stops automatically, you can resolve your problems and then return to the game
  2. Control the spacecraft is not too high to avoid opponents flying from horizontal to
  3. Try to destroy it all instead of avoiding it.

A Space Time Challenge Unblocked:

  1. A Space Time Challeng Unblocked is a game we just tested in In addition, there are a large number of other games, especially completely free. You can play anywhere from your office, on the subway or in school. This is an ideal way to relax and relax. Have a good time at
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