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Cowboy VS Zombie Attack


About Cowboy VS Zombie Attack:

This is such a great day in your town but suddenly, the zombies are attacking it. You are a brave cowboy who is the chosen to wipe out all of the zombies in this interesting action game, Cowboy VS Zombie Attack. Once you enter this dangerous battle, you have to be careful with the sky and down ground zombies.

There are a lot of zombies on the way and you have to attack all of them to be survive and bring the peace back to the town. The zombies are very strong and dangerous. They come to you constantly and don’t miss any chance to kill you. If you don’t attack them timely, you will be killed under their attack. The zombies are not moving on the ground, they are also flying on the sky.

You will have three lives and three supplied factors to support you. You have to move constantly and avoid touching the zombies if you don't want to die. You also have to shoot them to kill them. Don't forget to fly up to shoot the zombies on the sky because it can attack you and shoot you from such a high place like that.

This is a good chance to test your bravery and show up how many zombies you can attack!

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • Use the space to shoot

Tips and tricks:

  1. Don’t come too close to the zombies because you can be killed by them
  2. You should be careful with the zombies flown on the sky

Cowboy VS Zombie Attack Unblocked:

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