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Himalayan Monster


About Himalayan Monster:

Himalayan Monster is a strange but fun action game. When playing this game, you will join an interesting adventure of a monster in a cold place. Your mission is too simple. You are very angry and just want to find something to destroy. All the vehicles and humans on the road are your aim. You just want to destroy it immediately!

Your monster will move in the bottom of the icy and wait for the chance to defeat those on the land. You will have to jump on to the vehicles to destroy them.  If there are flying man appear in front of you, you have to jump to it and bite it. Let drive to the very bottom and then press up to jump higher. Besides that, let watch the obstacles and try to avoid them. Not only that, there are two arrows: red and green which indicated for the different functions. The red arrows indicated for obstacles and green arrows indicated for life pickups.

Besides the gameplay, the theme of this game is so impressive. It is in the winter with many icy roads and mountains. This game completely suits those who want to experience becoming a big monster. Play now and try to score as high as possible before life over. Good luck!

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move your monster
  • Use Space bar to bite your enemies

Tips and tricks

If the vehicles and people are on the other side of the road, you have to use both up and right arrow keys to defeating them.

Try to kill as many vehicles as possible to get more points

Himalayan Monster Unblocked

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