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Penguin Bounce


About Penguin Bounce:

Penguin Bounce is a lovely but addictive action game. Once entering this game, you will control a penguin and have to launch this as far as you can! Your mission is to fly fast, bounce high, escape obstacles in all locations.

There are lots of upgrades for you to boost up your skill including the speed, power, bounce, launch. If you want to become a poerful penguin, these upgrades are needed. So, let upgrade your penguin to become the best. The way to do the upgrades is by collecting coins and diamonds. Moreover, with these coins, you can also unlock new weapons.

Dare your friends and hit them to help you fly higher and reach love. If you want to achieve this unique goal, you have to control a polar bear armed with a baseball bat. This baseball bat will not be his only weapon. He will receive extra shock equipment as he plays. Let make use of this bear to gain what you want!

The sky is full of snow and ice. Whether your penguin can bounce high and far enough? It depends too much on your controlling skills. Play now and show your talent. Don't forget to dare your friend beating your score. Have fun!

How to play:

  • Use the left mouse button to tap the screen to drop the penguin
  • Tap again to hit the penguin
  • Touch the screen in the air to bounce in objects

Tips and tricks:

  1. Be careful with some objects as they appear with strange shapes
  2. Get as many coins in Penguin Bounce as you can to upgrade your skill and have an easier experience.

Penguin Bounce Unblocked:

  1. Well designed site with any kind of tracks, brings user smooth playing, free games and not being disturbed and blocked by others is a big plus mark for Type that now in your browser to find your entertain here and enjoy the loveliness in Penguin Bounce Unblocked!
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