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Quarantine Rush


About Quarantine Rush:

Quarantine Rush is a very interesting action game. Developed by kiz10 & TapTap company, set in the period of COVID epidemic - 19 in operation. Games are both a message and a way of entertainment during the time when people are at home avoiding viruses

The extremely dangerous viruses are spreading and attacking people mercilessly causing people to panic, the number of infected people is increasing. Everyone needs to be treated to avoid a high risk of death. Your task in the game is to treat those infected with viruses and to bring the uninfected into the home to protect them. However, the chaos of everyone in the city made this task extremely difficult. Doing this requires you to have a good focus and keen observation. Players only need to touch those who are not sick to bring them into the house, in addition to rescuing people infected by the virus as quickly as possible. Each time people save or bring a person into the house, players will collect a certain amount of gold to be able to buy more materials to save the sick. The game will end when the number of deaths reaches 100. Please hold for 90 days to be able to successfully fight the epidemic.

The game brings a message to everyone in the raging season: Stay home. The game developer sent a message and a realistic description of the anti-COVID epidemic -19. Everyone, stay home and explore this game!

How to play:

  • Click the mouse to save people or buy things

Tips and tricks:

  1. Use the collected gold to unlock too many items to save more people
  2. Rescue people near home or people who are close to the virus

Quarantine Rush Unblocked:

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