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Robot Fight


About Robot Fight:

A robot fight is an enjoyable and addictive action game. This game is designed in black and galaxy lands with many colorful robots. Your robot is created especially with a typical color. Your enemies are moving around and around to shoot you constantly. Besides that, there are unique robots look like “destroying machine” which move and shoot directly to you.

Your mission in this game is to try to shoot your enemies as protecting yourself from the attacks of them. You have to move and shoot as fast as possible. In fact, you just need to run and adjust the distance to shoot your enemies. Because your gun will auto- shooting and you don't need to worry about how many armors left.

This battle is in a black space so you need to have clear eyes and a good skill to observe and attack. Once you play this game, you have to respond quickly and run constantly. If you just stand at a point for so long, the enemies will come to you and kill you off immediately. So, don't die easily, run now and find the way to wipe all of your enemies. Because your enemies have a large number so each time you kill one, the other will appear in no time.

Having bright eyes and running as fast as possible is all that you need for these dangerous battles.

How to play:

  • Arrow keys to move and shoot

Tips and tricks:

  1. Avoid touching the other robots directly as it will kill you off
  2. Don’t stay at a place for too long because you are easily killed off

Robot Fight Unblocked:

  1. You can’t resist the attraction of these battles in Robot Fight Unblocked, right? You may even feel more excited about this interesting game by visiting Because when you conquer all levels in this game, you can turn to the new one with the big collection of free games on this site. Moreover, you won't be blocked or disturbed by others.
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