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Shoot the Turtle


About Shoot the Turtle:

Shoot the Turtle is a funny and addictive action game. In this game, your mission is to shoot the turtle with a tank. The far the turtle fly, the more score you will get. Besides that, in a flying way, if you get a right and suitable degree, you will gain almost the pockets of money. Moreover, the score you get is also the distance of your flying turtle.

The background of this game set in a purple ocean. There are not only weapons here but also contains the treasures and various other marine animals. The pocket of money is also an important factor you should care about. Because you don't play this game just because to shoot the turtle but to get as much money as possible. So, let practice your skill in the way to do that!

A special point of this game is the distance and the way your turtle flying. Each time you shoot, the turtle not just only fly in a straight way but it also bounces up. The highest you hold and release, the more bouncing your turtle will get. Not only that let make use of cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as far as possible! Good luck!

How to play:

  • Hold down the left mouse to power and release when highest
  • Move the mouse around to move the cannon

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you want to keep the turtle flying, you have to use the Boost button
  2. Let get an extra life to be alive longer

Shoot the Turtle Unblocked:

  1. You may don’t believe that one day the turtle can be your bullet and you can shoot them, right?  Play Shoot the Turtle Unblocked now to see how far your turtle can be shooted and how much money you can get. Let try one time at to enjoy more advantages including more free games, unblocked and smooth experience!
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