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Sword Master


About Sword Master:

Sword Master is a fun and impressive action game. Once you get into the green but dangerous world of this game, your mission is trying every way to kill your enemies before they kill you. They will appear constantly and unpredictably so. You can't know precisely the time they appear to kill them. If you can't do that, they will kill you immediately, and the game will end.

Once you click the play button, you will be in a forest with many trees surround you. You are not alone here as your opponents are surrounding you. They are carrying on many weapons and are willing to kill you every time. You have to move around as well as observe and listen to any voices you hear. Your opponents can appear suddenly. You can try to take advantage of the trees that surround you to kill your enemies easily.

Then, try to move forward to find other opponents and find a way to kill them. Your opponents will increase so much that sometimes, you may feel difficult to kill them. Thus, you have to be careful and patient all time to wait and attack your opponents. The characters in this game are so cute that you can't resist.

How to play:

  • Move the mouse to move around
  • Use LMB to attack your opponents

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can try to hide behind the trees as it’s the best way to attack your enemies
  2. You have to attack them as fast as you can to kill them immediately

Sword Master Unblocked:

  1. You can have a great time with every sword battles in Sword Master Unblocked if you visit to play this title. This site is so cool that it not only brings you little basic games but also brings you a wide range of free games of all tracks. Moreover, you can visit this site to enjoy your favorite game every time in every place you want. 
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