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EG Stick Monkey


About EG Stick Monkey:

EG Stick Monkey is a funny and addictive video game. At the start of the game, you will control a monkey customized like Sun Wukong and he tries to use his stick to go through the city. Your mission in this game is holding your finger on the screen to grow the stick. The wooden pole is set into a different distance. Some poles are far and some are close to the monkey. You also have to make use of the proper you have to stretch the stick to reach the poles.

Remember that you do not make the stick too short or too long. If you make the stick too long, the monkey will fall and you will lose. If you make the stick too short, the monkey can't reach the other pole and the game also ends. The special of this game is the background changed constantly. Sometimes, it will be on a day with green mountains and blue sky. Sometimes, it will be at night with many buildings and dark sky. All of these bring the players unique experiences. Moreover, each scene in this game is also led to a difficult rate. It will be from simple with just some poles to the more difficult one with a lot of poles. Play now to challenge your estimating skill and see how far you can go!

How to play:

  • Use the left mouse to tap on the screen

Tips and tricks:

  1. Think carefully and make the stick long enough to have great length
  2. Try to go as far as you can to enjoy all the unique and different rate of this game

EG Stick Monkey Unblocked:

  1. contains tons of free games for all ages, brings players a smooth experience with no block no disturb and the happiest moment. Play EG Stick Monkey Unblocked at to see the difference and enjoy the greatest experience now! Have fun!
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