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Swing Triangle


About Swing Triangle:

Swing Triangle is an interesting survive, arcade and fast-paced game made by QkyGames. In this game you will play with a unique vertical screen and you will experience many cool elements like timing, physics, and more ... In this game, you control a triangle. Your task is to dodge the red obstacles that are falling and survive as long as you can.

The obstacles will fall from the top of the game screen. If they touch you, the game will end immediately. Note that your triangle will move continuously, and each time you click, it will move in the opposite direction. You have to dodge the obstacles and sides of the game screen, all of them are your enemies.

The rule is very simple, but it is hard to master. You must be familiar with the movement of the triangle, this is the most important factor for you to survive for a long time. Each time you dodge an obstacle, you get 1 point. Try to score as many points as possible. It's time for you to enter the game. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use left click to play.

Tips and Tricks:     

  1.  You need to be familiar with the speed of the triangle. Do not worry when you die a few times.
  2. Pay attention to the top of the game screen to locate the falling obstacles.

Swing Triangle Unblocked Game: 

  1. If you want to play Swing Triangle Unblocked, just click on the site Here you can play your Swing Triangle Unblocked for free, and more. We offer a friendly user-interface with over 4000 great unblocked games. Besides, you can access Freegames66 anytime you want because we do not block anything.
  2. Now enter Swing Triangle Unblocked, balance your triangle and survive as long as you can. My point is 4, how about you?
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