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Basket and Ball


About Basket and Ball

Basket and Ball is an entertainment type game with many challenges that requires you to be precise. Your goal in this game is to get the basketball through the hoop. There are 50 stages that will test you, especially the penalty throw stages.

Basket and Ball is a simple to play game but it requires players to be precise in order to pass the obstacles and get the basketball through the hoop. The obstacles in this game are anything but simple, examples include high walls requiring players to rapidly bounce the ball multiple times until it stores enough elasticity to bounce over, spiked walls that will make the ball explode upon contact, and sometimes you’ll have to use the trampolines to bounce over the really high walls...

Each stage in “Basket and Ball” has 3 gold stars, try to get them all before getting the ball through the hoop. There’s also a time limit in each stage so you’ll have to get the ball through the hoop before time run out.

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to control the ball.
  • Use space to jump.
  • Use the mouse to control the ball in the penalty throwing stages.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Press Space rapidly to increase the elasticity of the ball to jump higher.
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