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Car Runner


About Car Runner:

Car runner is an addictive and interesting racing video game. Once entering this racing world, you will control a little car and your mission is to drive this car through a road with many obstacles. There are various cars for you to select. Each car owns a distinct and unique shape and color. Besides, the car will own a different racing skill that supports you on the way.

Not only that, there are lots of gold on the road. Each gold will cost 10$ and it can be exchanged for the money. You have to as drive as collecting as much gold as possible. These golds will be used to purchase other cars with many good and beautiful shape and function. The best car is sold up to $100,000. With a good car, your speed can be increased and you go further.

Each time you lose, the scene will change. Sometimes, the background can be the mountain road with many rocks. Sometimes, it can be a green harvest with a blue sky. Depending on the scene, the obstacles will be different. The obstacles can be the warning boards, the rocks or the trees. There game also features a health bar and it will decrease every time you touch the obstacles. Play now and test your driving skills!

How to play:

  • Use your left mouse to make the car running
  • Move your mouse to the left/right to turn left/right

Tips and tricks:

  1. Don't press the left mouse too much because it can speed up quickly and your car will be broken
  2. Try to collect as much gold as possible to buy a new car and have great experience

Car Runner Unblocked:

  1. is absolutely what you need for an interesting game Car Runner Unblocked now. Because this website provides the free game, no block no disturb and brings you the happiest and most relaxing time ever. Play now and overcome this challenge!
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