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Car Transporter Ship Simulator


About Car Transporter Ship Simulator:

Car Transporter Ship Simulator is an enjoyable and fun car games. Once you get into this funny world, your mission is to receive and deliver cars from Japan. You can have a chance to sail across the sea, which is the best way to feel fresh salt air. In the beginning screen of this game, you can see a port with many containers, cars, and boats.

After clicking the next button, you can choose a level to play in. There are many levels for you to choose from. Each class will contain a different mission and requests that you have to complete. Plus, each level will provide you several cars for you to control. You have to handle these cars with the directions you see on the road. Then, move these cars going on the board with the right position.

There are many car parks on the ships, but you have to move your cars to the right one. If you don't do that, you can complete your duty with this car and turn to the new one. Your mission seems so simple, but it genuinely tests the way you control a vehicle. So, be careful. When you gain a new level, the road will be more challenging, and your cars will be increasing.

How to play:

  • Use arrow keys to control your cars

Tips and tricks:

  1. Be careful when you control your car moving on the bar as it easy to fall down the water
  2. You have to go all the vehicles into the ship to complete the level

Car Transporter Ship Simulator Unblocked:

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