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Police Car Chase Crime Racing Games


About Police Car Chase Crime Racing Games:

Police Car Chase Crime Racing Games is a funny and attractive racing game. Once you get into this fantastic world, you will have to take control of super police cars, which is ready to explore a lot of environments. You can see the beautiful views of forests, a big city, hills and mountains, and canyons. These environments are more than 16 km² of the area, and they contain  30 km of roads. While playing this game, you can drive in a big city and chase after the bad drivers who have committed mistakes.

There are many police cars for you to choose from. These cars have different colors and features—these features including speed, brake, and handling. You can observe these features to decide the best car and drive. However, all of these cars are locked, and you have to earn money to unlock them. The game features three modes for you to challenge your skills, including one way, two way, and time attack.

Besides, you can choose an environment you like to play, including deserts, rainy nights, and snow. Each environment will bring you a new and different experience. Not focus too much on the environment but complete your mission successfully and catch the robber. It would be best if you drove as fast as possible to catch up with the crimes.

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to drive your car

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to play all modes to have full experience and truly explore your skill
  2. Attempt to earn as much money as possible to buy new police cars

Police Car Chase Crime Racing Games Unblocked:

  1. When you type on your browser to enjoy this cool title, Police Car Chase Crime Racing Games Unblocked, you will receive many good things such as free games in all tracks. Moreover, you can get unblocked and smoother playing. This site is also playable all day time so you can visit it whenever you want.
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