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Flying Cat


About Flying Cat

Flying Cat is an endless runner type game. In “Flying Cat”, you control a cute cat wearing a jetpack. The cat has to collect coins and red diamonds on the way to be able to reach the goal.

In this game, the coins and diamonds act as an energy source for the cat to continue flying, if you don’t continuously collect it then you’ll fall back down and it’s game over. Try to collect as many coins and diamonds as possible as it is used for upgrades for yourself. The 3 skills that you can upgrade are shields so you can take extra hits, a magnet so you can attract money from a distance and the duration of the super mode.

There will be many coins in locations where the obstacles like storm clouds, laser walls, black holes... are in the way. Our cat also has a super mode, which when used will make the cat not be affected when hitting the obstacle and even when hit with the boss’s attack for a short while. After you use it, it’ll take some time to recharge this ability.

At the end of each section in “Flying Cat”, you’ll have to face off against a boss. Try dodging its attacks for a certain amount of time and you’ll pass that section.

How To Play

  • Use left/right arrow keys to control the cat.
  • Click on the Super button to activate it.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can turn the music on/off on the game screen.
  2. Use the super mode to collect coins that are inside the obstacles.
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