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LA Rex

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About LA Rex:

You love dinosaurs and adventure games? Why don’t you play a good adventure game with dinosaurs like LA Rex? LA Rex is a game developed by gametonardo. The game takes place in the city of angels LA.

In the game, you will take the role of a dinosaur who aims to destroy the whole city and eat up anyone it sees. Unlike the other Adventure games, LA Rex serves multiple levels with a set of missions for you to accomplish.  LA Rex concentrates on destroying and it sure will give you great time of stress-less.

You will get to control the dinosaur and explore the whole city. The game offers score system and after each time you destroy something or eat up someone on the street, you will get points. With sixteen levels in total, LA Rex is suitable for anyone who is willing to discover the relaxing moments while playing the game. If you are ready for a fun and exciting game like LA Rex, let’s start the game and dive deeply in the wonderful game world of LA Rex now!

How to play:

  • Follow the in-game instructions.
  • Press W to jump up.
  • Press A to go back.
  • Press S to go down.
  • Press D to go forward.
  • Use the computer mouse left click to make options and make change to the screen.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to accomplish the game mission and you will get the points you deserve.
  2. If you see anything that are preventing you from getting on your way, eat it up and smash them hard.

LA Rex Unblocked:

  1. Don’t you think you need a good game like LA Rex? Let’s come and check up on the unblocked version of the game on to enjoy the perfect features the game offers. Don’t forget that offers you more than millions amazing games like LA Rex, come and check up on the site now!
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