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Wheelie Cross


About Wheelie Cross:

Welcome to Wheelie Cross, an exciting racing game that was released by QKY game studio. The game gives you a sense of excitement because of its unique gameplay. In this game, you not only drive a motorbike but also keep your balance and try to drive as far as you can. When you drive a motorcycle, its front wheels will be lifted and if you turn over or this front wheel hits the ground, you lose.
You need to balance the vehicle and keep the front wheels from touching the ground. After completing a turn, you will get points. On the way, you can collect gold coins to unlock new vehicles. These vehicles will have different effects and they are very beautiful. For example, when you enter the game, you drive an old motorbike but when you have enough money, you can buy a unicorn. Unicorns with colorful rainbow effects will not disappoint you.
Wheelie Cross game has no time pressure. When you drive a motorcycle, the top of the game screen is the time you run and the bottom is your score. The upper left corner is the number of gold coins you have collected and the bottom left corner is your best record. Don't think that this game is easy, I tried it and I can't drive for more than 5 seconds. What about you?

How to play:

  • Use arrow keys to control your vehicle in Wheelie Cross.

Tips and tricks:

  1. When the front wheel of a motorcycle is too high, you should release the drive button to keep the balance.
  2. Each vehicle has different effects but they don't help you balance better.

Wheelie Cross Unblocked:

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