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If you think that you’re going to join a shooting fight in, you’re wrong because this cool game just offers a simple gameplay like or However, when playing, you will soon explore lots of interesting things. Down here to know now, guys!

Similar to other .io games, requires players to climb up the top position on the leaderboard. And to complete this, you must carry out two important actions.

The first action is to collect as much lightning as possible. Of course, it’s easy to do because the lightning is everywhere. Just guide your character to travel around and gather. So, the more lightning you get, the higher score you receive. And wonderfully, the lightning is useful for boosting your character’s speed.

The second action is to defeat enemies. But, how? Don’t worry because you will take advantage of your available character’s form and attack the enemies. With three main forms including rock, paper, and scissors, you need to turn it into the right one so that you can beat the opponent.

Truly, if you’re accustomed to a familiar game of Rock-paper-scissors, you know how to carry out. For instance, if your enemy is in the rock stance and you’re in scissor stance, be quick to change the paper stance to kill him. In case you’re too slow to vary the form, you might be eliminated.

Another thing that you should know when performing the second action is to take the initiative. Don’t only focus on gathering the lightning and combat while the enemies appear. The best thing is to get closer them and then change your form instantly to attack. Make sure you’re quick-handed and swift-eyed to do or you might become a prey.

And now is your performance. Start collecting the lightning, defeat as many enemies as possible and then throw yourself on the top of the leaderboard? Think that you can complete all at the soonest time? Enjoy and find out the final result now!  

How to control

  • Move around – the mouse cursor
  • Speed up – the left mouse
  • Rock stance – 1
  • Paper stance – 2
  • Scissor stance – 3

Tips and tricks

  1. When collecting the lightning, do quickly because some just appear in seconds.
  2. After using the speed, be hurried to gather more lightning again.
  3. The high speed is helpful for taking more lightning as well as attacking the enemies or running away.
  4. Remember to use 1, 2, 3 on the keyboard to turn the form quickly.


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