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You might hear the name of when playing some familiar .io games such as,, or, right? Why don’t you come with us and discover another interesting game instantly? According to Wiki’s site, this original game was made by a 19-year-old Brazilian developer, Matheus Valadares and debuted on 4chan  in 2015. Furthermore, its current name was taken from an anonymous user’s suggestion.

How to play

  • As a small and lone cell, your chief goal is to become larger and larger and then rule the cell-world as soon as possible. How to do this? Guide your little cell by directing the mouse cursor on the screen towards colorful particles. EAT as much as possible in order to increase your size and try to escape from other enemies at the same time. Besides, you should know the influence between the size and the speed. As your cell becomes larger, it will move slower. There is not confusing as the smaller cells need to run fast to get away the bigger ones.
  • Still worry? This game also offers some neutral green circles on the screen where the smaller cells can come and hide. But, avoid them if your cell is bigger because you can lose a few smaller pieces and become vulnerable.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Do you have any idea about splitting? It’s a great method to split your cell into two, three or numerous pieces. And it’s extremely useful for surviving and attacking. In case that you’re in a region with many particles and fewer enemies, splitting (tap W) will help you collect the particles quicker. Or when facing up with other bigger enemies, this method will help you reduce your size and make the opponent bigger (hard to move fast). But, I don’t welcome the splitting when being surrounded by lots of smaller cells because they can absorb your portions and fight against you. In case that there are just one or two smaller cells, you need to shoot the portion that is bigger than them.
  2. It can be said that is the simplest and most addictive game ever. No matter what this is your first or 100th times, it’s certain that your eyes can’t take off the screen until you complete with the biggest cell. Give this great game a try and it will soon be your preferred game in the free time.
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