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Having fierce battles in the outer space is always interesting, right? or aside, is a very new, fantastic game that you shouldn’t miss at this time. Follow me and find out what attracts you!

Learn how to reach the final victory

  • Before starting, you need to choose a game mode to experience consisting of Free-For-All or Satellites. If you love playing solo to prove your excellent shooting skill, Free-For-All is your place. To the Satellites, you have to work with other teammates and support your team to capture satellites. Pick up one and continue, guys!
  • Then jump into your own spaceship and travel to the main battlefield. Use WASD/arrow keys to move around and search for asteroids. Click on the left mouse to smash each for getting gold. Depending on different sizes, you will take more or less time on shooting. At the very beginning, just fire the small ones to gather gold little by little. Whenever having the first 30 gold, a range of Ship Upgrades will appear including Blaster Damage, Blaster Fire Rate, Bullet Speed, Max Health, and Auto Repair Rate. That means the more gold you have, the better your ship is upgraded.
  • After upgrading somenecessary skills and occupying a relative strong ship, it’s time to find and knock out other players. Look at a small map to determine where they are, fly there and FIGHT. Let’s express what you have by defeating as many enemies as possible. At the same time, try to dodge their countercharge skillfully to protect your Ship Mass. If it reaches zero, the game will be over instantly. So, always watch out and do cautiously.
  • In addition, when unluckily falling into any trouble (too many opponents surrounding, for example), hit Spacebar/the right mouse to activate the main engine and flee. Remember to combine with the directional thrusters to run faster.
  • can hold a maximum number of 30 players for each combat, will you think that you are able to beat all of them and climb up the best spot on the ranking? If your answer is yes, no time to hesitate. Land on here and ENJOY right away!

Tips and tricks

  1. Try upgrading Blast Fire Rate and Blaster Damage firstly in order to earn more gold.
  2. In Satellite Mode, capturing more satellites just passively increase the gold. Make sure you improve the weapon to develop your fighting ability.
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