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Nothing is more interesting than taking part in a new combat in Are you confident enough to handle a big ship in the middle of the ocean and fight against a range of aggressive ships and helicopters? Let’s show your greatest shooting skill and see the final result!

How to play

  • First of all, acquaint yourself with 6 various types of ships including Armidale, Cyclone, Arsenal, Suicide, Iowa, and Submarine. Each has different abilities and functions that you need to consult carefully before choosing one. For example, the Cyclone is faster than Armidale, but its abilities include Repair and Ping. Although the Arsenal and Suicide have the same abilities as Speed Boost and Phalanx, the Suicide can damage other ships better. Commonly, beginners choose the Armidale because it’s easy to control and shoot effectively.
  • To guide your own ship, just use the right mouse to move and left mouse to fire. Got it?
  • Then tap on Respawn button and enter the main battlefield. Similar to, you’re brought to the vast ocean full of the powerful competitors. And your chief action is to wipe out all via shooting, of course. Make sure you always observe a small map at the bottom to determine where your enemies are. Whenever being shot by someone, you need to escape from them as soon as possible. Find a safe place, let your ship relax for a while and its health will recover automatically.
  • Aside from killing other players, try firing towards red triangles to increase your XP points. However, they know you’re a danger and often dodge your attack.That’s why you must be agile to attack them. Besides, you might catch some unexpected obstacles, especially icebergs. Avoid touching them or you will be kicked out instantly. What’s more, always get away from red areas and never penetrate into there because the game will be over as well.
  • After all, will you take this chance to prove you’re the most excellent shooter with the first position on the rankings? With four available servers as US, AU, EU and Test Server, be free to pick up one and ENJOY awesome things in Wish you success and luck as soon as possible!

Tips and tricks

  1. Your ship will be auto healed if not being shot for a short time.
  2. Keep moving and shooting all the time, no matter where your enemies are because it’s the best way to protect your life.
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