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If you want to while away your time with a new version of, set your feet to a fantastic 3D world of right now!

How to control

  • Start off as a small blob and use the mouse cursor tohelp him roam around for eating to grow. This world is truly a great place for the blobs because there are numerous colorful dots scattering everywhere. Of course, this action is the easiest and safest way that you should do at the beginning. Additionally, consuming other players to develop bigger and stronger is another necessary job. But, keep in mind that larger blobs can eat smaller ones. That means you can swallow anyone who is smaller than you or be gulped by bigger opponents. Whenever seeing any dangerous players, you need to escape as quickly as possible in order to protect your blob.
  • Have you ever played before? If yes, do you remember a special ability of the character? It’s all about splitting. This action is activated via hitting on Spacebar and considered as a great trick to help your blob attack weaker opponents and gather more dots. Try separating equal parts and then provoke smaller blobs to gobble up them later. Make sure you are agile in splitting and unifying to attack effectively.
  • Still worry about hidden obstacles like red spikes in Don’t be anxious because you see nothing in the world of Although there are some big trees around, you can easily get through them.
  • One more interesting thing that you shouldn’t miss is to change awesome skins for your blob. After selecting one among 3 serves as Europe, Asia, and America and typing an impressive nickname, you’re free to pick up thousands of costumes such as Jackie-chan, Pikachu , Obama , Smile, Rainbow, Pumpkin, Lava, and so on. And don’t forget to follow this game through YouTube and Facebook to receive updated information soon as well as making new friends across the world.
  • There is no reason for hesitating and waiting, all game lovers. Be quick to jump into and show your best ability by climbing up the first spot on the leaderboard in the soonest time. Good luck to you!

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Tips and tricks

  1. You can split more than 2 parts depending on your blob’s size.
  2. To unify, just click on the blob by the left mouse.
  3. Change the camera’s view via using WASD/arrow keys.
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