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Leave the main screen of to come to a new .io game about aggressive tanks in, guys! No chance for fighting as a team, what you have to do here is to kill all the opponents in order to stay alive longer and climb up the best position on the leaderboard! Be willing to take control of this battle and become the excellent player in the soonest time? There we go!

How to play

  • To direct your own tank to move around, you need to use WASD/arrow keys and the mouse cursor for direction. The left mouse is certainly to shoot down enemies on the ground. Although it sounds simple, you should spend a bit time on practicing. Whenever feeling assured, start running around and find other tanks for defeating. Please show your aggressiveness at first by shooting any tank that you just catch on the screen. Remember to move, aim, and shoot at the same time to avoid their fierce counter attacks.And make sure to use available stone walls to hide from the enemies. Whenever killing one, be quick to take a silver star. The more stars you get, the more scores on the leaderboard you attain.
  • Aside from defeating the enemies, don’t miss seizing some available boxes during the game because you can receive lots of cool stuff like Star, Three Bullets, Large Bullet, Shield, and Clock/Meter. Interestingly, they are useful for increasing your scores as well as your tank’s power. Moreover, when acquiring a certain level, a series of upgrades will appear consisting of Health, Regeneration, Speed, Reload, Bullet Speed, Bullet Damage, Bullet Range. However, you just activate each for one time and then wait for the next time. Tap 1-7 to use it, okay?
  • Last but not least, always observe a small map on the right corner of the screen to determine your current position and the first player’s one. Remember to avoid him when you’re new. And in case that you’re equipped with many necessary items, find him to attack. It’s will be the quickest way to boost you from the bottom to the top.
  • Inspired by NES's Battle City and developed by Simon Til, has soon made a strong impression on worldwide gamers. Want to play its full version? Just land on here and while away your time! Or simply to experience some fun with your best friends. Please tap the button of Create Party and then send a link to them. I’m sure you will have a great and exciting fight that you never imagine.
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