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OMG! The world of is chaotic with full of hostile enemies. How to survive when you’re just a small creature? Truly, everything is quite simple as long as you are a true fan of .io games and accustomed to or

When entering the main screen, start guiding your creature to move around and look for delicious foods. Of course, they are scattering everywhere, but be careful of those which are under spinning saws. You will lose your health if touching these saws unluckily. So, to grab a large amount of food there, you need to be agile and clever to control the creature to move in and out. Make sure you can do well or simply avoid the spinning saws as far as possible.

Besides, attacking the enemies is a good way for collecting the food. Aim and shoot bullets out of your mouth quickly and accurately. For each success, you are able to take more and more food that they tried to collect. Or pushing other players into the saws is a good trick. Or dash them if you’re larger. But, remember to get away from the bigger creatures because their damage is stronger than you.

Last but not least, don’t forget to obtain the fire orb from other players. It’s a powerful weapon that can defeat the enemies effectively. Once you get it, you will wear a gold crown. Although everyone turns to attack you, this is a great time to prove your best shooting skill, wipe out other opponents and climb up the first spot on the leaderboard.

No time for waiting. Choose your favorite creature in the welcome screen, type a cool nickname and tap Play button to enjoy. Hope you conquer the tough task in! And don’t miss entering here to communicate with other players for new updates of this cute game.

How to control

  • The mouse cursor is to help the creature move and aim.
  • Hold the left mouse or W key to shoot.
  • Tap Spacebar to dash or hold it to run as rapidly as possible.
  • Hit E key to toggle auto-fire.

Check out a quick strategy to win

My common tip for killing the huge creature is quite simple. Whenever catching them, I try to give some accurate shots and then escape. Later, I find another way to reach it from behind and continue attacking. After a couple of times, I killed it successfully. You might carry out what I said or just sprint for life.

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