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If you’re interested in playing, I’m sure you cannot refuse to enjoy It’s a kind of traditional RPG style that gives you tons of cool things to discover. Are you ready? Here we go!

How to play

  • Before starting, please take a look at a variety of heroes consisting of Warrior, Ranger, Ninja, Doctor, Bomber, Mage, Bandit, Basher, Defender, Scientist, Builder, Viking, Scientist, Druid, and Necromancer. Each comes with different weapons and abilities. For instance, the Ranger has a powerful Bow and perfect Hawkeye. Meanwhile, the Ninja’s weapon is Shuriken and his special ability is to Rebound.
  • Consider carefully before picking one, got it? 
  • Your main task is to work with your teammates to protect your tower and wipe out as many enemies and monsters as possible. Of course, the more opponents you kill, the more coins you will acquire. In any .io game, the coins or gold is extremely important to buy vital Upgrades. These effectively help you improve your current weapons, towers, and so on.
  • However, the matter is how to look for the SHOP while attacking. Actually, you just illustrate your effort in fighting on all sides and then the SHOP will appear. Sounds strange, yet interesting, right?
  • To attain the best position on the leaderboard, defending the tower and fighting against other teams are the major objectives. Also, don’t forget to carry out other different quests that the game requires such as saving princesses, killing bosses, finding crystals or decimating a dragon. If you complete all well, you can set your foot on the leaderboard soon.
  • With a series of surprising and interesting tasks, you have no choice of experiencing and overcoming all. That’s why you’re guaranteed to receive awesome moments that only have
  • There is no time for waiting. Tap PLAY button on the welcoming screen and enjoy now. Hope you attain the high spot on the leaderboard easily!


  • WASD keys – control the hero
  • Left mouse/Spacebar – attack
  • The mouse cursor – interact and aim

Tips and tricks

  1. Aside from killing the opponents for coins, you can get coins from available crates.
  2. Searching for your team Flag is truly necessary since who gets the Flag can acquire the tower.
  3. Support your teammates to create amazing attacks towards the opponent’s towers. Try to do well and then more and more coins will be rewarded.
  4. With the first 5 coins, you need to get yourself some hearts or purchase an armor.
  5. Killing animals also gives more hearts.
  6. Except for looking for hearts, don’t forget to buy Healing Potion to heal your hero’s health in case of emergency.
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