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As an .io game in traditional RPG style, is more exciting than since you are free to choose any great hero from its huge collection including Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Doctor, Ninja, Basher, Bomber, Necromancer, Bandit, Scientist, Druid, Builder, Viking, and Defender. What’s more, you have to complete different yet awesome tasks to climb up the top rank on the leaderboard. Want to experience all? Follow me to know now!

First of all, you need to choose your hero and your team via color. Then playwith your teammates and attack other opponents who have different colors. Depending on your chosen hero, you are able to make use of available and special abilities. My favorite hero is Necromancer because he is equipped with the mysterious power of Voodoo that can summon 4 zombies to attack. Make sure consult everything carefully before choosing one to combat with the others.

The more enemies or monsters you defeat, the more coins you will receive. Of course, the coins are important to purchase necessary Upgrades for the tower, new weapons, and other cool stuff. But, finding a SHOP is a hard task. Actually, there is no SHOP at the beginning. And the only way to see it is to show your effort in fighting against the enemies. At the same time, try looking for your team Flag because only who has the Flag can capture the tower.

In sum, protecting the tower and competing against other teams are the main goals. Besides, you are able to catch some different quests such as defeating bosses, saving princesses, or knocking out a mighty dragon. The more tasks you finish, the more chance you gain a high position on the leaderboard.

So, will you put your name on the top 100 in successfully? Play and prove it now! Wish you luck, all .io game addicts!

How to control

Hit WASD to guide the hero. Click on the left mouse or Spacebar to attack. Move the mouse cursor to aim.

Consult useful tips and tricks

  1. Whenever having the first 5 coins, be quick to get yourself some hearts or buy an armor. Additionally, killing animals helps obtain more hearts.
  2. Make a surprise attack to other towers with your teammates. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with more and more coins.
  3. Bear in mind that Healing Potion is extremely critical for improving the hero’s health. Always keep at least one coin to buy it.
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