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If you have known about the classic video game Snake, then this video game will surprise you. is a great .io, Snake video game. In this game, you will get to control nothing but a big snake that is trying to eat anything it sees around the cities. The more things you snake takes in, the bigger it grows.

It seems like is a nice game for your relaxation. The game is not only relaxing as it allows you to explore the entire game world only by using your computer mouse but also very fun as you can spend time playing with global players. The challenge in happens when you start to notice the leader board. The game only keeps the best players for the next level, so if you are not good enough, the other players will defeat you.

In a superb 3D game world, the gaming experience is no joke! You must try to compete against the other snakes and protect your own place in the leader board. As long as you are at the highest place, you can chill a bit and spend time hanging around the game world without fear of being eliminated. The world in can be a peaceful and beautiful place for every player to base in, but it also can be a very challenging place to compete! Let us start now for even more fun!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse and make your snake move in the corresponding directions.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try hard not to be the lowest charted snake on the leader board. Otherwise, you will be eliminated from the gameplay.
  2. The winner of all levels will step to the highest position and claim his victory after the game ends. Unblocked:

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