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If you’re tired of traveling in space, please come back to the ocean and enjoy now. It’s a very new cool game that is relied on a thrilling bumper car. Feel excited to play a familiar amusement ride in the .io world, right? There is no time for waiting. Here we come!

How to play

Truly, this game introduces a simple-yet-hard-to-master gameplay that you can easily find in any .io games.

Look! You need to control a boat to move around via clicking and holding the left mouse all the times. Then start collecting colorful swimming-belts surrounding the ocean to increase the score. It’s okay if you only concentrate on this action. But, as you know, it doesn’t help you increase the score too much. 

The most effective thing is to find other opponents and bump them like playing bumper car. You know how to do, right? Aim at someone, run fast, and hit them. Make sure you do several times to decrease their health and then you can take 50% of their score. Of course, you need to be quick and clever to finish well or the others can counter-attack. In case you’re bumped by someone once or twice, you should get away from them instantly. Then gather the swimming-belts to fulfill the health back.

In addition, this playground highlights some borders and walls on the ocean. However, don’t worry because they don’t damage your boat. Whenever hitting them, your boat will bump back. So, the best thing is to take advantage of them to fight, got it?

Last but not least, always remember that everything you must do above is to help you acquire a high spot on the scoreboard. At the same time, you need to maintain it as long as possible. Since this game doesn’t offer any support for boosting speed or shooting, just depend on your own ability in order to direct the boat to bump the others accurately.

And now, jump into the main screen of to smash into hundreds of other boats and attain the final victory at the soonest time! Good luck, guys!

Tips and tricks

  • If you’re chased by someone, try to run fast towards the closest walls or borders so that you can bump back them.
  • Be free to select new colors for your boat on the welcoming screen.
  • Follow this game via social networks to get new boats and more surprising things.
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