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About is an online flash web bomber game. The appealing aspect of this game is that you can directly compete against other players online on the same map.

This game lets you pick 1 of 3 characters, each with their own unique skills and attributes:

Footballer: The strength of this character lies in their movement speed and not too low health, however, they can only very few bombs that cause low amounts of damage.

Radio Amateur: The strength of this character is that they can place multiple bombs, with average movement speed and damage output but really low health.

Athlete: The strength of this character lies in their movement speed and explosion radius, their bomb, HP and damage stats are very low.

The way you play this game is similar to other bomber games, however in the maps that we battle in, we have to dodge the monster in the map as well as fight other players. There is also 1 other interesting feature is that your character has a health bar, so when you’re hit with a bomb, you won’t immediately die but instead only lose some health. You’ll only die when your health reaches 0.

On the map, there are support items hidden within the brick blocks that you’ll need to destroy in order to get to.

You can buy the buff items beforehand from the Shop using coins.

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How To Play :

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Use space to put bombs.
  • Use E or Shift to activate the bombs.

Tips and Tricks :

  1. You should buy the buff items when you have the money to give yourself an early advantage against other players.
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