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Get fun and excited moments while playing, a very new generation in the .io world! It’s an interesting game of eliminating enemies with a bomb like Bomb It. In addition, there are tons of cool things to discover. Down here to know now!

 How to play

Throwing yourself into the top position is the most important task you MUST do well. But, let’s make the acquaintance of your cute character – Emoji first. There are different Emojis that this game gives you for free. Or if you want to get more, don’t mind sharing on social networks or play it on the mobile. In addition, you also have another way to unlock new Emojis. But, I will show it later.

Let’s move the mouse cursor so that your Emoji can travel around. Guide him towards available jewels and eat as many as possible. Similar to other .io games, the jewels are extremely important to help your character grow and increase your scores on the ranking. However, eating the jewels isn’t easy.

Why? It’s because the jewels are placed near Meanies. They have red and angry faces that can make your main character meet some troubles or even kill him. So, some players tend to avoid touching them. But, this game allows you a special ability to deal with this issue.

Your cute Emoji can drop a bomb. Tap the left mouse and then the bomb appears and turns the Meanies into the jewels. Sounds interesting, right? Additionally, you can use these bombs to wipe out other players to get the higher score. But, in this case, you need to be clever to lure the opponents. Of course, you also watch out for their counter attacks or you will get stuck in their bombs.

Last but not least, don’t forget that offers another awesome support. Try clicking on the right mouse and then your Emoji can run as fast as he possibly can.

Feel excited and want to play this cool game now? Sit in front of your laptop or download this cool game on the mobile (for iOS or Android) and enjoy! Hope you soon attain the best position! Good luck to you!


Tips and tricks

  • Find a crown to get a big bonus score.
  • If you own the bigger score, you can easily unlock the rare Emojis.
  • Just increase the speed in necessary situations because this support needs time to recharge after every use.
  • You can chase the Meanies if luckily getting the “Poo Hat”.
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