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 About is a super fun strategy game where you can show your greatest ability in raising an army and building a defense to wipe out the enemy. Once entering this playground, I’m sure you won’t leave your eyes off the screen until you discover all the interesting things. Now, let’s goooooo!

 How to play

The thing that I like this game most is all about choosing Building and Unit cards freely. What does it mean? Normally, when playing any strategy game, you always receive some available units such as towers, archery, armor, etc. But, allows you to pick up anything you want.

Let’s study them a bit before starting!

The Building cards are used to create any building you want. Want to get a barn to train farmers or Barracks to train footman? Just make sure you read all the statistics for each card carefully.

Meanwhile, the Unit cards are used to hire any unit you want. For instance, the Engineer can leave a trap or the Sniper can attack enemies better than the Archer.

The Building cards are always efficient than the Unit ones; however, they need more time to construct and lack an instant impact.

Besides, avoid only using the Unit cards because they cannot create wood or income like the Building ones. So, the best thing is to balance the use of both cards while fighting.

After understanding each card, you need to put 8 ones on your deck. Since this mainly depends on your own strategy, please consider carefully. 

Then tap the PLAY button and start your own battle!

Just click on the left mouse or press hotkeys from 1-8 to select your cards and place them in your territory. Keep in mind that laying the cards is also important. Think cautiously to put it in the right place. Relying on that, you are able to gain the upper hand.

Another awesome thing that I quite enjoy is about Upgrades. As long as you gain points, you are allowed to equip any Upgrade such as Income Boost, Unit Attack, Resource Boost, Unit HP, and so on. For each success, you will get 1 victory. So, try your best to attain as many victories as possible so that you can jump into the top position on the leaderboard.

 Tips and tricks

If you truly have no idea of selecting any card first, you can follow my order including Sniper -> Archer -> Engineer -> ArcheryRange -> KingsCourt -> MagesGuild -> StorageBarn -> TechStation.

 In a word, is always fun since you can create lots of different strategies to play and gain the victory. How many strategies can you make and which one helps you to attain the best result at the soonest time? PLAY and illustrate your excellent achievement now! 



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