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Be ready to participate in an eternal war in Which team would you like to join, cats or dogs? Select one and the enjoy fantastic things from this cool game!

 How to play

  • The biggest objective is to help your team attain as much territory as possible so that the team can climb up to the top of the scoreboard. Since it’s a long process, you need to carry out each step carefully.
  • First of all, move around for collecting food. This gives you a general view of the map. Remember to observe a small map at the bottom of the screen to visualize better.
  • Then determine where trees and rocks are because they are extremely important for attaining the territory. Use your claws and attack them until you take control of all three places on a triangle. Relying on that, a certain territory is yours.
  • Of course, your job is not done easily because there are lots of enemies surrounding. Watch out for their attack when you’re doing, especially those who are bigger than you. Run away when seeing them or hide in available houses on the map.
  • However, in case you’re bigger than them, don’t mind showing your powerful claws or breeding puppies or kittens to fire at the enemies or simply pooping everywhere in order to kill them and get more cash.
  • Similar to other .io games, eating is the most important thing to help you stronger and bigger. But, be careful of eating enemy poop because it makes you sick and then you cannot do anything. If you’re in this case, please visit the Vet Station and heal yourself as soon as possible.
  • When having a certain amount of cash, you should come to the Shop and buy some necessary items such as claws, collars, and medical perks and boosts. Each has necessary features that support you best in performing the main task.
  • If following my guidance from the beginning to end, I’m sure you can bring your team to the final victory with ease.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to like, share or tweet through different social networks to receive new cats and dogs. Play now and hope you get more excitement.


  • Movement: WASD keys
  • Aim and attack: the mouse and the left mouse
  • Dash or poop: the right mouse
  • Use power-ups: Spacebar
  • Visit Shop or breed: E key

 Tips and tricks

  1. The bigger you are, the slower you can move.
  2. Make sure to observe the map frequently to occupy the territory easily.
  3. The Vet Station is always full of enemies, be careful when visiting there for healing.
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