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Hey, guys! Want to check out another multiplayer shooting .io game? Of course, you don’t want to miss any cool game from this awesome world, right? Tap on the main screen of and enjoy awesome moments now!

Similar to other .io games like,, etc., you need to know that moving around and eating available supernovas on the screen is critical. This is known as a key factor to make your character become bigger and bigger. However, you should pay attention to the character’s slow speed while he is eating. Hence, if unluckily confronting any creepy opponents, you need to be agile to boost his speed and then get away from danger.

Avoid taking too much or the character will reduce his size because the supernovas that you earned is the main power for increasing the speed. Got it?

Additionally, you must protect your character from other opponents because no one plays at peace. Whether or not you want to combat with anyone, make sure to fight until the end. If not, the others will counter-attack and you won’t attain the top spot on the leaderboard. So, you need to guide the character to aim, shoot hard anyone close to him and remember to dodge at the same time.

In sum, what you must perform in order to acquire one of the top positions on the scoreboard is to own a large number of supernovas, shoot accurately and aggressively, dodge skillfully, and take advantage of your quick speed for emergency cases. And never forget that you have to maintain this spot as long as possible.

Are you ready to experience and enjoy fantastic moments in Tap Enter key and TAKE ACTION right now!

How to control

  • The mouse cursor is to direct the character.
  • The left mouse is to shoot.
  • The right mouse or Spacebar is to boost the speed.

Tips and tricks

  1. If you have got stuck in a fight, the only way is to shoot down the opponents and turn them into the supernovas to eat.
  2. Just attack the others while your character is big enough.
  3. Waiting for the others fight each other and be quick to rush into there to gobble up the supernovas. But, make sure you do skillfully or you will become a prey.
  4. Feel free to change the character’s color.
  5. Keep in mind that this game offers 3 different scoreboards including Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.


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