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About is a fighting spaceship based online game developed on the web. The game has simple graphics that are fun to play but still very dramatic because of its highly competitive gameplay.

Upon entering the game, you will be given one of three types of ships: Classic, Destroyer and Sniper. Once you have selected your spacecraft, you will be brought into the battle zone as a large universe. Here you will have to fight with other players and especially there will be Bosses in this area. Your spacecraft will auto-move, you can only control its movement direction and shoot bullets.

You will have to kill other players to get points, or you can get points from eating points in the maps. However, the destruction of another player's spaceship still brings more points. The goal of the game is to score as many points to top the leaderboard of the game.

Please note that for Bosses, they will not automatically attack you. Only if you shoot them first or you hit them will they attack you.

Also, the attraction of the game comes from the fact that random items appearing in maps can help you a lot like flying faster, protecting shields, firing sharper bullets …

Note that in this game, when you die you will only get half the points you have and will have to wait 10 seconds to recover and continue to fight. You can die in three ways::

  • Being shot down by other ships.
  • Bi shot down.
  • Out of the black hole (outside of space combat) too long will explode the spacecraft.

You also need to constantly monitor the HP bar for your own and your opponent's HP. And you also need to note the RL bar. This bar will fall off each round of your shot and it will not recover. When you shoot the bullet until the RL rolls out, it will automatically reload the full tree. However, during the reload time you will not fire bullets.

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How To Play:

  • Use the mouse to control the direction of the ship's movement.
  • Left click or Space to fire.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Look for items buffs first and then fight to gain more advantage.
  2. Kill Boss will have more points.
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