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The appearance of has soon drawn a big attention to .io fanatics. Although this online multiplayer game offers a similar concept of eating and evolving like, you cannot resist its own attraction. Be curious to know what it is? Tap PLAY button and DISCOVER now!

How to play

  • As a veteran .io gamer, gaining the top position and maintaining it as long as possible is the main objective. And here are steps to help you succeed. Take a look now!

Start directing your small creature to move around a map to find and eat colorful orbs. Just control the mouse cursor and the creature will follow.

The more colorful orbs you eat, the higher scores you can get.

When having a certain number of scores, you will get a chance to choose the first evolution. There are four different ones including Sprint, Lunge, Agility, and Split. Of course, each comes with various abilities to support you.

Make sure you consider carefully and pick one instantly or you will miss.

Except for eating the orbs, you need to attack other players to speed up your progress as well. One certain thing is that you should look for and kill the creatures that they are smaller than you. Avoid the bigger ones or they will bite you.

  • As long as you carry out both actions that I’ve just mentioned, you can easily move towards the next evolution. Since each evolution has particular buttons to control, just look at them on the screen and activate. However, after every use, you need to wait about a couple of seconds so that the evolution can be recharged. 
  • Depending on each different evolution, you are able to create your own strategy. For instance, you creature can fly or dig underground or even make himself invisible. Just combine the evolution and then see what you are able to create. Sounds fun, right?
  • And now, it’s time to give a try and do your best to complete the big request! Good luck!

Tips and tricks

  1. Try to keep off other creatures until you get the first evolution.
  2. You should choose Lunge for the first time in such a way that your creature can jump forward rapidly.
  3. The second evolution should be Fly so that your creature can fly fast and hard to catch.
  4. In case the bigger creatures are chasing you, try to turn your face towards their face. Relying on that, they cannot bite you. If you leave your back without
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