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Here a new survival game of that you shouldn’t miss when jumping into our site to experience an enticing list of .io games! Think that what you can receive? Play to know now!

How to control

  • You will get a small yet unique character, called “Cube” and then carry out an important task. That is to build gold blocks and then become the winner with a huge quantity of gold. However, everything isn’t simple because you have to face up with some dangerous players who are always eager for stealing your gold. So, please prepare a Wood Sword at first.
  • Firstly, direct your Cube to move around by using WASD keys and look for some trees and rocks. Next, click on the left mouse to hit them and collect as much as Wood and Stone as possible. After attaining a certain amount of these resources, build the Wood Sword and Axe right away. Both items will support you to fight against the enemies and gather Wood quicker. Except for different weapons and tools including Stone Sword, Gold Sword, and Pickaxe, don’t forget to collect Food from trees or bushes to acquire Small Potion and Big Potion that are good for your character’s health. Generally, gathering many resources is extremely vital. But, where to keep the stuff? Look at an Inventoryat the bottom of the screen and do youdee 9 available boxes? Whenever collecting or upgrading anything, the resources will be added there automatically and you just hit 1-9 to use it with ease.
  • Of course, don’t forget to build gold blocks to obtain gold and you must do your best to finish it. However, when having a certain quantity of gold, be quick to create your own base to protect it from the enemies. Tap on the icon BUILD and pick up some necessary items such as Wood Block, Stone Block, Wood Door, etc. Then place and arrange it on the ground to craft the firm base. Additionally, equipping a fighting costume for your Cube is quite necessary. There are a couple of different parts like Wood Helmet, Stone Pants, Gold Helmet, and so on. Try to possess all so that you can defeat the enemies well.
  • Always remember that your best ranking depends on the number of gold that you can create. Time to make every effort to complete the big request of! Believe that you can do well? Show you’re the best gamer with your excellent skill now!

Tips and tricks

  1. The tools in this game are not durable. So, always keep a large number of resources in order make new ones.
  2. Big Potions are extremely vital because they save your life in urgent situations.
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