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About is a very special game. It can be said that the game is almost like a canvas that you can freely draw on whatever you like. The only difference is that you’ll be drawing online and with other players.

In this game, there is a map full of small square tiles. And on the right-hand corner of the screen, you’ll find a row of colors. The game allows you to choose the colors that you like and paint it on any square tile that you want, even square tiles that are already painted by other players before. You can click on the plus symbol to get more colors that you want.

On the left-hand corner of the screen, the game provides you with 3 tools, each having a different function:

The first tool is the default tool that you use when you begin the game, it lets you color onto any square tile on the map.

The second tool lets you move to a different location on the map. If you feel that your location currently has too many people drawing on it or you just don’t like your current location, use this tool to find and get to a new location

The third tool lets you take the color that you like on the map by clicking the tool then clicking on the square tile that has the color that you want so that you can use that color.

The maps in me are endless so you can let out your creativity and paint the pictures as big as you want it to be. The common feature of these drawings is that they are comprised of multiple small square tiles. You can erase the square tiles that you don’t find to be fitting, and after you erase them, they’ll become white.

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How To Play:

  • Use left mouse to paint with the selected color.
  • Use right mouse to erase the color.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Hold Shift and the left mouse, then drag the mouse to paint a line of square tiles.
  2. Press Ctrl+Z to undo the last change.
  3. Press Enter to chat.
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