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Develop by Code Sphinx, is known as an excellent and fantastic multiplayer .io game which combines awesome elements from the classic snake game and familiar themes from the Tron movie. Of course, you don’t want to miss this awesome game, do you? Be quick to set your feet on its main screen and enjoy now!

If you remember futuristic bikes in the Tron movies, here is your chance to try driving to accomplish a very familiar task; that is, gain the top position on the scoreboard and maintain it as long as possible. And now, let’s consult how to finish excellently.

  • First of all, you need to be proficient in mastering the bike. Actually, it’s quite simple like guiding any car in other .io games. Just direct the bike to turn left, right, around or any direction that you want.
  • When the bike runs, you will see a colorful trail behind it. And this is one of the most important weapons so that you can use to eliminate the others.
  • If anyone touches your trail, they will explode and lose the game. Besides, if you unluckily touch your trail, the similar thing will happen to you. So, to be safe, the only way is not to touch any trail, got it?

You need to know by heart these basic things in order to draw up your own plan and kill the others successfully. For instance, when facing any opponents, you should boost the bike’s speed to bypass and then encircle them instantly. Or just run around the map to create the biggest and longest trail. However, when performing this action, make sure you can doge over your opponents’ trails cleverly.

Generally speaking, what you must carry out in is to run to kill the others, run to outlive everyone, and then rule the leaderboard. Don’t expect any extra or items to support your bike. Everything depends on your cleverness, guys. Show it now and good luck to you!

How to control

  • Tap on arrow keys or WASD to direct your bike.
  • Hold Spacebar or the left mouse to boost the speed.

Tips and tricks

  1. Take advantage of 3 seconds when starting to pass through the others’ trail.
  2. Always view a mini-map to know where your enemies are.
  3. Avoid smashing the screen’s borders or the game will be over as well.
  4. Click here if you want to download this cool game on your smartphone.
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