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Jump into the main screen of, a super cool multiplayer tank game in the io world and then prepare yourself to confront the most challenging tasks ever! If you’re still confident after knowing this, let’s start now!

How to play

One of the first important things is to determine main keys for controlling the game. Of course, you’re no stranger to WASD/arrow keys for moving around and the left mouse for shooting, right? Then, make sure you acquire and maintain the top spot on the leaderboard. And the chief and only way to complete the biggest request is to get rid of all enemies.

In comparison with other tank games, you might play as an individual. However, this game allows you to work with the others as a team. With 4 teams as Red, Green, Blue, and Orange, you’re assigned to a random one.

Before combating, please choose 1 out of 3 tanks including UK-Black-Prince, USA-T54, and D-32. Since each has distinct features as Speed, Range, Bullet, and Armor, you need to consider carefully to pick up the good one. If you prefer the high speed and bullet, just opt for the USA-T54. Or try all and then you will find later.

After that, starting directing the tank to move around the battlefield, search for your enemies, and shoot them down. Keep in mind that you’re only given a limited amount of ammo at the beginning, be careful and skillful to shoot accurately. And at the same time, do your best to dodge over the enemies’ counter-attack.

In addition, don’t miss grabbing some Ammo Packs and Health Packs to increase the tank’s ammo and improve its health. Make sure you just collect these packs when your tank truly needs. And never seize them when the tank’s ammo and health are still full. Got it?

A great battle with awesome 3D graphics and lots of fun to experience, will soon become one of your favorite online shooting .io games. Shoot the enemies hard and support your team in order to reach the final victory, think that you own enough ability to finish all with the best result?

Time to show what you have! Good luck to you! 

Tips and tricks

  • To own D-32, you need to log in via social networks.
  • Remember to combine with your teammates when assaulting the enemies.
  • Try to move all the times to avoid the enemies’ shots better.
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