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Similar to, comes from a common game, called Dodgeball. Players are divided into two teams and their task is to kick out all the members of the opposing team by throwing balls at each other. If you used to play this game with your friends at school, why don’t you visit our site and enjoy it online? I’m sure you might have a great time.

How to play

  • Since Dodgeball is quite popular in North America, you just catch two servers consisting of California (Solo) and New York (Teams). As long as your Internet network is strong, you are able to play from elsewhere without meeting any trouble.
  • Now, begin to guide a small blob by moving the mouse cursor around. See lots of colorful orbs on the map? Direct it to eat as many as possible in order to increase the blob’s size. Furthermore, gathering the orbs for throwing at the others is a nice idea (click on the left mouse to throw). However, if you just shoot aimlessly, the blob’s size will get smaller and smaller, and then run out of the balls.
  • Since the California Mode is Free-For-All, please watch out for the King who attains the first spot on the leaderboard. Don’t square up to him and dodge his attack; otherwise, you will be kicked out of the game. Remember to make use of available walls to hide and wait to attack surprisingly. Besides, don’t forget to upgrade necessary abilities such as Player Speed (press 1), Throw Speed (press 2), Ball Size (press 3), and Speed Boost (press Q). These abilities will help in assaulting and escaping better. Of course, the only way to upgrade them is to possess a large number of orbs.
  • In case that you want to work as a team like the real Dodgeball, click on the New York Mode. You will be sent in a random team (Blue or Red) and then carry out the same task. Bear in mind that you have to support your teammates well to wipe out other players of the opposing team soon.
  • So, do you love working as a team or playing solo to climb up the highest rank? Don’t wait anymore, access our site and play instantly! Or you can download this cute game for any Android or IOS devices since it’s available now on Google Play and App Store. Relish and have fun!

Tips and tricks

  1. Since you just shoot the ball for a certain distance, be clever to come closer to the enemies, shoot accurately and then leave quickly.
  2. Chase and shoot from behind to defeat effectively.
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