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About is an interesting online aircraft shooter game with detailed and vibrant 3D graphics.

Different from other .io games that have simple graphics, this game with its 3D graphics will give you quite an impression with the amount of detail in it. In this game, you’ll be provided an aircraft and your objective is to use it to defend your Mothership and destroy the opponents’ Motherships.

The interesting thing is that many items will randomly appear on the map which you can collect:

Blue bricks for exp up. 

Green pills for energy up.

Gold would let you shoot more bomb.

Whenever you defeat an opponent’s aircraft, you’ll receive 1 point. Every time you level up, you’ll gain 1 point for 1 of these 6 stats: bullet, bomb, barrel, HP, shield, speed.

Take note of the little circle surrounding your level as it’ll let you know when you have enough EXP to level up.

The game also has a few other features to support the player such as showing the FPS, Ping, Graphic, Position on the top-left corner of the screen, letting you adjust the sound, volume as well as showing the rankings in the match.

If you like this game then there are also other similar games that you can play such as SteamBirds, Sky Warrior, …

How To Play:

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to control.
  • Use left mouse to shoot.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You should find and collect the items that help you level up first so that your aircraft will become more powerful.
  2. After you’re shot down, it’ll take a little while before you’re revived.
  3. Even after you’re shot down, your level won’t reset.
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