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If you’re interested in playing a familiar concept like or, don’t miss, a new playground developed from Clown Games.

 How to play

Easy to play yet hard to master. It seems to be right when playing any .io games. But, if you follow my suggestion at this time, I believe you can complete this game with the best result.

  • First of all, always remember that your main task is to attain the top position on the scoreboard and maintain it as long as possible.
  • Then, start learning how to use the mouse cursor to control your main character. Truly, it’s not difficult as long as you’re agile while moving around.
  • The next important thing is to help the character eat as many colorful dots as possible. The more dots the character eats, the bigger it becomes.
  • Until the character is fit for a circle outside, it will jump into the next level. The circle is used to protect your character and it will be bigger as the level grows.
  • When moving to another level, you will receive a great BOOST bar. To use this bar, you just tap on the left mouse or Spacebar.
  • However, don’t overuse it in unnecessary situations or you have to lose time to recollect the dots.
  • Another interesting thing that you should do when your circle is big enough is to find and kill the smaller enemies. This allows you to acquire new levels quicker than just eating the dots.

In addition, to make more interesting, don’t miss a great chance to collect new skins. If you like this game on Facebook or Twitter or even download it on mobile devices (especially for Android), you are able to unlock a series of fantastic and cook skins.

So, how better are you in How many levels and scores can you attain? Check these statistics at the right side of the welcoming screen. And don’t mind sharing your best result on its forum. I’m sure you can catch some of the awesome numbers.

Now! PLAY hard and be FUN, guys!

 Tips and tricks

  1. Avoid collecting the dots near the border since the character can be driven into a corner by large opponents.
  2. You can penetrate into the red areas for escaping the enemies. But, you need to come back the main battleground as soon as possible or the game will be over.
  3. The BOOST bar is ideal for both attacking and escaping. Use it wisely, please.



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