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Hey, guys! Are you willing to join the first extreme one-versus-all boxing game in the .io world? Of course, you don’t want to miss any new .io games, right? Enter and relish fantastic moments now!

In this game, you will control a talented boxer to smash all the enemies and reign the champion of the ring. Similar to the real sport of boxing, you just use your boxer’s bare fist to punch and hurt the others. And don’t care about your enemies’ size because you’re free to attack anyone you want. Just make sure you do quickly and accurately to decrease the enemy’s health bar effectively.

Keep in mind that the health bar is an important thing for all the players. For every success, you can deplete one step in the bar. But, be careful because the same thing can happen to you if your boxer gets punched. To ensure the health bar, the best thing is to enhance the number of steps.


Try looking around and then you will see lots of colorful blobs. Start collecting them to fulfill enough XP points for the level bar. As the bar develops, each step will be added to the health bar automatically. In addition, defeating the enemies successfully gives you a large number of blobs. Got it?  What’s more, gathering the blob is extremely necessary to fulfill a special skill.

The next interesting thing that you shouldn’t miss is to unlock new characters. Aside from your boxer, you can own Snowball, Solider, Ninja, Piggy, etc. via either following social networks or watching ads if playing on a smartphone. No matter what you are going to perform, always remember that the final objective is to take the top spot on the leaderboard.

Think that you can conquer this ring? Time to punch and see whether you can become the last one standing in! Good luck to you!

How to play

  • The mouse cursor is to control the boxer.
  • The left mouse or Spacebar is to punch.
  • The right mouse or W is to activate the special skill.

Tips and tricks

  1. The health bar will automatically fulfill.
  2. Each character will have the different special skills.
  3. Never get in corners if a large number of enemies is chasing your boxer.
  4. Whenever seeing 3 or more boxers are fighting each other, just stay away from them.
  5. You can download this game easily (for iOS and Android).
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