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Want to enjoy something fun yet competitive? Just jump into the .io world and then you can get all! At this time, try to travel with a special character and experience an interesting journey in

 How to play

Your main task is to turn a little frog into the King. And there are two basic ways to help you. 

Firstly, start guiding your frog to look for flies and eat them.

Observe where the flies are.

Move the mouse cursor near them and tap the left mouse.

The frog will jump there and eat the flies automatically.

But, avoid jumping on them or your frog cannot eat anything.

Secondly, learn how to kill other opponents.

Depending on your frog’s size, you should attack the smaller frogs.

Unlike eating the flies, you need to jump on other frogs and kill them by your weight.

In case you want to attack the bigger frogs, it’s possible. Make sure you’re agile and clever to create an intersecting line. Relying on that, you can kill the large frogs with ease.

Is that so? Of course, no, guys.

Aside from eating and killing, you need to carry out small requests in Daily Quests as well. For instance, if you eat 800 flies a day, you will get 500 coins or kill one frog to take 100 coins. Just keep in mind that these requests need to be done during the day.

Another interesting thing is all about a variety of leaderboards. This game has lots of boards such as World Leaderboard, Asia Leaderboard, Tournament Leaderboard, Friends, and so on. So, you easily find your name on any board that is suitable for your playstyle. Last but not least, don’t forget to earn as many coins as possible. They’re not important for ranking but also necessary to help you purchase new and stronger frogs.

And remember to follow on its social networks to receive the latest updates. PLAY and have FUN now!


Tips and tricks

  • As a newbie, you should move around the edges of the map in order to eat the flies safely.
  • The green dots in the mini-map is the small frogs while the red dots are the bigger ones.
  • The orange dots are the frogs that have just killed you. If you defeat them in the next time, you will get a high score than attacking the normal ones.
  • Try catching the Super Flies to increase your scores.
  • Downloading this game on mobile devices will give you a copious amount of coins (for iOS and for Android).
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