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If you are confident of your sketching ability, take a pencil in a new web-based drawing game of Gartic.ioand use your creativity in order to draw pictures from the assigned word.Are you ready to jump into the game’s screen? Let’s pick up a cool avatar, nickname, and start!

How to play

  • As a loyal fan of .io games, you are no stranger to, right? Your main purpose is to acquirethe highest points as soon as possible. Guessing what other players have drawn is the first task. Since there are many opponents in a room, they will take turns to sketch. And you need to be quick to give an answer by typing on the keyboard. The points will be given to both, the person who guess the picture correctly and the gamer who is drawing at that time. However, if guessing the word takes too long, the point will become smaller and smaller, until reaching the minimum amount of one (1).
  • The next task is your turn to draw. But, avoid sketching letters, numbers, and symbols or you will be kicked off the game. Remember to make use of available tools as pencils, erasers, colors pickers, undo, etc. to support you best. 
  • In case that you want to share this cute game with your friends, be free to create your own room. Tap Create Room button and then customize by selecting one of the 6 terrific themes, the number of players and goal of points that you want. Next, copy the link and send it to your friends. I’m sure that you will have great and crazy moments when playing with them. What’s more, you can try any different language that you’re proficient such as Chinese, German, Spanish or Italy. And don’t miss a good chance to make friends across the world.
  • Everything in sounds great, right? Don’t wait too long and hesitate to show your true ability. Come here to play instantly!

General tips to play

  1. Depending on the assigned word, you can send hints through sketching to help other players guess correctly. However, the more hints you show, the fewer points you can achieve.
  2. Don’t waste much time on drawing unnecessary details. Remember that you just win when the others guess accurately.
  3. When someone is drawing, you need to be agile to type the correct word as soon as you possibly can. Relying on that you will receive more points
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