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About is an online incredibly hectic and appealing strategy game. With graphics that can’t look any simpler, the game’s main focus is its gameplay as well as its appeal to players.

In this game, you can name your character and choose between 4 modes which include:

- Free-For-All: 8 players fight until 1 is left standing and is declaiped the winner.

- 1v1: 2 players fight against each other on a huge map.

- 2v2: fight in teams with a friend or with a random player against 2 players of the opposite team.

- Custom: fight in a map that is created by the player themselves.

At the beginning of a battle, you are given a general and your objective is to protect your general while trying to find a way to defeat the enemies’ generals. Note that there is a number above the general which you can use to create spaces either around the general or around your troops.

The general’s number will continuously increase, and you can use all of the general’s points and assign them to any one of your troops. However, you must assign the points to the troops following the order of the spaces around it.

If 2 troops face off against each other, the troop with the higher amount of points will defeat the remaining troop making them lose all the points they have, and the generals are the same as well.

The game also supports players on mobile devices through downloading the game on the Appstore as well as Google Play.

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How To Play:

  • [Spacebar] to deselect.
  • [Q] to clear moves.
  • [E] to undo moves.
  • [9] to zoom out.
  • [0] to zoom in.
  • [Z] or double click to move 50%.


Tips and Tricks:

  1. When the map becomes dark, you’ll have to find your way around by expanding your troops.
  2. Put troops around the general to protect them.
  3. Always have the general keeping a certain amount of points to protect itself.
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