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Go Eat Bomb


About Go Eat Bomb

Here is another cool playground in the .io world with an exciting name of Go! Eat! Bomb!, guys! Of course, you know what to do after hearing this game, right? That is to go, eat, and drop a bomb. However, you might soon explore a bunch of surprising things that you’ve never seen in any game before. Down here to know now!

How to play

First of all, you need to understand three basic actions to help your main character (monster) to acquire at least top 10 on the leaderboard. Start moving the mouse cursor to guide your monster to run around the screen and tap on the left mouse to make his mouth open wide. Then look at available items that the monster can eat.

  • Kittens can help him increase his size
  • Mushrooms can give him some cool abilities
  • N20 pills improve his speed.

Aside from eating these items as much as possible, don’t forget to carry out another important task; that is, finish off other monsters. And the most interesting thing is that you are able to defeat anyone without worrying about their big size. Just make sure you know how to use available skills. For instance, if holding the left mouse, your monster can create an explosive shit. Or wait until a red bar is full and activate it to explode.

Bear in mind while trying exploding someone, you are easily caught. Therefore, you need to buy necessary tools to protect the monster. In my opinion, you should purchase glasses first because they can hide your red eyes and no one knows when you’re going to explode. Besides, there are other cool tools like Hat, Jet Pack, Potion, Trunk, and so on. And if you want to own all, make sure you have a large number of coins.

The last amazing thing is that you have no worry about losing the game since you can restart with the unchanged level. That means you can continue playing until acquiring the best rank on the scoreboard. Especially, you will receive positive encouragements when playing again.

Don’t miss Go! Eat! Bomb! at any cost, guys! Play and have fun!

Tips and tricks

  1. Your monster will move slow when he becomes bigger and bigger.
  2. Beware of anyone who has the red eyes since they will explode soon.
  3. Opening your monster’s more often will stop the others from exploding. But, it’s best to buy the Hat.
  4. The Potion will turn your monster a giant for a while so that he can gobble more opponents at the same time.
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