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About Goeatbomb

Tons of cool things in Go! Eat! Bombs! are waiting for your discovery, all .io addicts! And I’m sure you never find a very funny and interesting game like this one. Down here to learn its gameplay right away!

Know by heart vital rules to acquire the last victory

Move to look for something to eat and kill enemies by placing a bomb. That’s all you must carry out in this game to jump into the leaderboard of Top 10 successfully. Move the mouse cursor to help your monster roam around the map and click on the left mouse to make his mouth open to eat. If you want to increase the monster’s size, you need to eat as many kittens as possible. The mushrooms maintain the big size in a short time while the N2O pills help to improve the speed.

Similar to other .io games, finishing off other players is a necessary task. Normally, you just think smaller monsters than you, right? However, the most amazing thing is that you can hurtthe bigger ones by using available skills. Try holding the mouse until your monster produces an explosive shit. Or explore yourself to defeat anyone who is close to you. Remember to observe a red bar (on the left) and wait until it’s full to activate, got it? Besides,always watch out other monsters who have red eyes because they are going to explode. When seeing them, run for your life.

Of course, you will be caught if trying exploding. The best way is to purchase some necessary items from the game. Take the glasses firstly because they can hide your red eyes. Relying on that, no one knows when you’re exploded to kill them. Sounds awesome, right? Additionally, don’t miss consulting other items such as Jet Pack, Hat, Monster’s Teeth, Potion, or Trunk. No matter what you’re going to buy or upgrade, make sure you have a large number of coins from eating and killing during the game.

Last but not least, don’t be too anxious when being sent back the main screen after playing a couple minutes. Just come back and keep supportingyour monster to level up. Interestingly, you never feel unhappy because you will receive some funny statements for your failure. Try playing Go! Eat! Bomb!!

Tips and tricks

  1. The bigger your monster is, the slower you move.
  2. Open the monster’s mouth more often to stop the others from exploding. Or buy a hat to safeguard better.
  3. Use the potion to make the monster bigger for a while and then gulp more monsters at the same time.
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