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Guess Who Multiplayer


About Guess Who Multiplayer:

Are you ready to join this one of a kind game and enjoy your relaxing moment? Guess Who Multiplayer is a quiz game which will impress you with its interesting playing rules. The gameplay allows you to choose to play with a computer opponent or with some other human players around the world.

The very first thing players have to do in the game is choosing a character of yours. There are totally 24 characters with different appearance traits. Your mission is to find out which character your opponent choose before he/she is able to find out yours. To do this, you guys have to ask each other some questions basing on these characters’ appearance. There is a question box at the bottom of the screen. It contains many questions for you to ask, you can switch between them by clicking the arrow symbols. They can be about the hair color, the hairstyle, the gender or even the outfits. Try to ask the questions by which you can eject as many wrong characters as you can. This also means that you should be careful while choosing your character. A too unique character can be pointed out easily.

Enjoy this relaxing gameplay and its exciting soundtrack. Take your turn to guess now at Guess Who Multiplayer!

How to play:

  • Choose your character.
  • Choose some questions to ask your opponent in order to find out which character she/he is.
  • Answer the questions you receive from your opponent, basing on your character’s appearance.
  • The first player to guess correctly wins the match.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to choose a character who is hard to find out.
  2. When asking your opponent, try to choose the questions which can knock out as many wrong characters as you can.

Guess Who Multiplayer Unblocked:

  1. Guess Who Multiplayer Unblocked game is available on – one of the most popular gaming sites that will bring you enjoyable moments! Take your turn now in Guess Who Multiplayer Unblocked!
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