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If you are looking for an interesting strategic .io game, try discovering, an online tile-based territory game developed by MatějStrnad. At first sight, you might catch some similar things like or; however, this game is more challenging and strategic. Will you have enough courage to take control of this game? Answer me via landing on its main screen instantly!

How to play

  • The major goal is to capture 500 hexagons whilst protecting your Base from other players at any cost. Let’s start with a hexagon, called your Base. Remember that it’s extremely important for your life. If anyone defeats it successfully, the game will be over right away. Therefore, you need to expand your territory by clicking on other hexagons near your Base at first. Do you see white hexagons surrounding? Then use the left mouse to tap on it. The more hexagons you capture, the more territory you have.
  • Additionally, don’t miss pressing some Unique hexagons because they’re very useful. For example, hit on the Camp to capture at least 3 hexagons or create necessary turrets. Spend a bit of time on collecting the Trees or Mountains in order to gather more Wood and Stone for the turrets. Especially, always scroll the mouse to zoom in and out the map. Relying on that, you are able to get a clear vision and then make great decisions.
  • Besides, watching out the enemies’ attack is quite important because if they take all your territory, you will be kicked out the game immediately. Stop their invasion by building more and more turrets surrounding your base, okay? In case you want to make peace with another player who has the Base near you, select the Alliance Mode on the top corner of the right side and send a request to him. By agreeing on the Peace Treaty, both will work peacefully without attacking each other. Of course, who gain the 500 hexagons firstly will be the winner. However, if he refuses, you just have an only way: fight until defeating him.
  • Is there anything special in Perhaps, different kinds of skins. You’re randomly given various patterns and colors when starting the game. Besides, respawning and dying will offer you a new skin. Sounds interesting, right? So, it’s time to choose a cool nickname (remember that you can’t change it until starting a new game or die) and play till acquiring the top position on the leaderboard! Good luck to you!

Tips and tricks

  1. Never cut off the enemies’ large chunk because you can’t own it when ruling their capital.
  2. Avoid focusing your expansion in an only direction.
  3. Try to keep the Camps inside your border cleared.
  4. Avoid cutting off the trees at your border’s edge since they help to slow down the enemies’ attacks.
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